shoes for mud!

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i'm wearing skate shoes, great in the dry and useless in the mud!

on flats obviously, as i still dont fancy spuds :oops:

but i cant seem to find anything bike specific that would give me a bit more grip in the ice and more importantly mud

their fine on the pedals, but dabbing or even worse, walking on slopes is a nightmare

i stacked it twice today :shock: not the shoes, just the slippy conditions, and getting up and moving away from the scene was a 'mare in my flat, non grip skate shoes

in fact the reason their called skate shoes ive discovered is cos i might as well have been wearing skate for all the grip i get off the bike

any ideas?

non spd, bike friendly / mud friendly - is it too much to ask?


  • what pedals do you have?

    I started slipping around on my flats a bit in the mud so put some longer pins in the pedals. Now I have no probelms at all.
  • Sir HC
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    Five Tens get my vote, grip the pedals very well.
    Intense Socom
  • they are v8's. great pedals

    i dont struggle so much staying on the pedals, (tho its not ideal) its off the pedals that the main problem is

    i quite like the 510's, any good is these 'orrible mucky conditions?
  • chris_sw
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    I have the same issue, my skate shoes are rock solid on the pedals (DMR V8s) but as soon as I step off the bike in the mud I'm sliding around everywhere.

    Although, from what I've seen of the other shoes available for flat pedals it doesn't look like they'll cope with the muddy ground any better, so I'm going to stick with the skate shoes for now. At least until I get some spare money to give SPDs a try (that may be a while :p).
  • thats exactly the problem, and SPDs would solve it i guess

    i was thinking of a trail running shoe or low walking boot, but i dont know how reliable that sort of thing would be on the pedal

    at least all the ice seems to have disappeared! its back to just dealing with the mud :lol:
  • little update for anyone interested...

    i got some 'hiking' type shoes from go outdoors

    very light with a thick sole with loads of moulded grip, nylon mesh uppers

    dead strong, very stiff, and in this mornings frost and mud (weird combination) did the trick!

    much more grippy off the bike, and fine on the pedals too

    best of all they were £15 with the £4 discount card you have to get, to get the deal

    great value :lol: