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While I dream of single track superstardom, in reality I spend most of my time on the road (on my mountain bike).

At the mo, my cycling wardrobe extends to shorts, shirt and fingerless gloves (also goggles and a hat).

Last time I went around my local single track, not only did I get very muddy (no prob as I jetwashed me and the bike) I also got very cold (it was about 2 deg C).

I'm going shopping on Sunday for a waterproofish top and am thinking along the lines of a black Altura nightvision jacket - should keep most of the crap off on the track and reasonably warm and keep me seen on the road.

What are you opinions on above, and what would you suggest for waterproof trousers, gloves and footwear (shoes or socks).

Have a budget obviously:D

Appreciate there may be answers to these q's in the dim and distant past but maybe things have changed since.

Cheers in advance.


  • For cheapness I went for army surplus goretex trousers, which I bought from ebay for a tenner. :D

    I have a pair of Shimano SPD shoes, which are mainly mesh, which also ,means that my feet get very wet! Riding with soaking wet feet though in the winter is no fun so Santa has just bought me a pair of Sealskinz socks but they were £25.

    On my top half I wear a long sleeve base layer with a cheapo Aldi jersey over the top. I find that even in the snow that has been warm enough for me.
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