SPD (MTB) on A Road Bike

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I have been using SPD pedals on my mountain bike for years and I always have the problem of my shoes rubbing the crank arms.

I now have a giant defy and Shimano 105 Black groupset, but for the moment have to keep the MTB shoes and pedals.

I don't really want to rub the crank arms and make them silver with my shoes so is there any way to avoid this, I have moved the cleats as far as they can go.

Having size 13 feet doesn't help with everything I guess :lol:


  • milese
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    Put a load of tape over the crank arms.

    You could use masking tape, you could get some helicopter tape.

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  • rake
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    i use spd mtb shoes and pedals on the road incase i have to walk.for me this outweighs having road shoes. before i get flamed this is just my preference, if i knew i wouldnt break down ever i would use road shoes. the pedals are a little heavier but with carbon sole race shoes there isnt much difference and carbon gives a solid platform. i have time atac pedals
    and dont suffer any shoe rub they have pleanty of clearance.
  • strodey
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    As long as you didnt think it would effect your pedalling just move the cleats toward the inside of the shoe then when you clip in you shouldnt get any rub! (provided you have not already done this)
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  • Anonymous
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    Strodey Already moved the cleats are far to the inside as possible

    Milese Might just do that as a temp fix until I can afford new shoes and pedals

    Thought I might be able to add a washer or something, no?
  • redddraggon
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    Road shoes will rub just as much on the cranks, even more probably due to the lower Q-factor of a road double/triple over a MTB triple.

    If you set your cleats up correctly for your anatomy, and your feet rub on the cranks, so be it.
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  • Cheshley
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    I have size 13 feet and with bike shoe sizing being the way it is, I have size 14 shoes. I have SPD's on both my MTB and Road bike and I own one pair of shoes which I use for both. Despite moving the cleats to the inside of the shoe I still get rubbing on the cranks so I guess it's something that those of us blessed with big feet just has to accept.
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  • redvee
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    I'd be wary of moving the cleats to the extreme of their sideways movement as you'd be searchng for the mechanism on the pedal when trying to clip in. In theory you should be able to put you foot straight on the pedal and clip in.
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  • rake
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    might be shimano pedal and crank its unavoidable. i have size 46 eu 11.5uk on time pedals sram s350 crank no rub at all. q factor not too bad. are you staying with mtb or going to road shoes? time pedals are very hard wearing.
  • Anonymous
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    Thanks for all the replies.

    redvee I know what you mean, since moving the cleats to there limit I do find it harder to connect with the pedal, used to get it first time almost every time.

    Rake. Not going to be staying with mtb shoes for too long, but the shoes I have are new (thought I was going to remain mtb) and I like them (Lake MX165's) so would like to get the good of them even if it is just to see me through the winter.

    Reddraggon. Wouldn't say they are set up correctly as such, they are in proper alignment for my legs, just that the are off centre to try and fix this problem. With mtb spd's there is quite a lot of float compared to road pedals I guess so my legs still feel natural once clipped in and pedalling.
  • maddog 2
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    it's your big feet not the pedals 8)

    buy some silver cranks :wink:
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