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If getting a bike for my girlfriend should I definitely go fo a womens specific bike or should I stick to a male bike, is there THAT much of an advantage for a woman to have the different geometry? There is way less choice in womens specific bikes so am a bit lost of what to do.... ?


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    Go entirely by what fits regardless of whether it is women's specific or not.

    Women's geometry may be of more relevance for shorter women, but also, different manufacturers implement these women's designs in different ways, from purely cosmetic to major geometry and finishing kit differences.
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    depends how comftable she feels on it?
    if you better half is quite a tall lass then get her to try out a few different set ups, but in my experiance the lady specific bikes come up too short in the top tube area unless your missus is vertically challenged?
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  • well thats the problem really, they seem to be more expensive and with limited choice. I was thinking about getting her a small mens bike which I think shuld be suitable?

    Maybe the manufacturers should stop trying to rip our ladies off with overpricing and they may be more inclined to take up this wonderful sport!
  • I got my wife a 2008 Marin Alpine Trail quad link full susser. It is great but I only ride it in the dark - it's pink.

    Like many blokes, I wanted a good bike for the Mrs, but wish I'd got a different colour as it's always nice to have a second bike as WAGs don't really ride as much as us blokes do on the whole

    I agree, just go with what fits.
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    I agree with going with what fits, but remember go to a good bike shop for the fitting, also the saddle at the very least may need to be replaced for a GS one if you do end up with a guys bike. Also in my experience girly things like colour and flowery bits do seem to matter sometimes, if it costs a bit more and she rides it more often then in pounds per ride it works out cheaper :D
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  • I bought my wife a full susser last year she tried loads male and female and the only one that fit was a spec saffire ws. She is only 5' 4" so most male bikes were too big. From what we found if you are above5' 6"ish the choice gets much bigger if you are under this there are very few. But even the extra small frames varied enormously, so try them all.
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    My wife has a women's specific Fuel Ex 5.5. The geom is identical to the men's version so it was purely down to the colours.

    She hates the women's saddle.
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    When I did my testride on a zesty, I accidentally booked the L, which is the ladies model. So, I said "What's the difference", the answer was "Different saddle, and nicer paint" Think it really depends a lot on the manufacturer but I wouldn't rule out a "man's" bike.
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  • well thats the problem really, they seem to be more expensive and with limited choice. I was thinking about getting her a small mens bike which I think shuld be suitable?

    It really, really depends on her height and proportions. As a professional hobbit (5ft 2, stumpy legs), I generally find women's specific bikes (espeically Spesh) have ridiculously short top tubes. With small bloke's bikes, however, I have to be careful because of the standover. For example, I'm just about comfortable on my small Stumpjumper, but I'd ideally would have liked a little more standover. Tried a small Meta 5.5, and the top tube was getting over familiar with my delicates, even when I was standing on tip-toes - reach was fine though.

    Get her to try out a few different bikes, there's lots of demo days coming up, so now's the time!