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Plymouth Rides

yogiyogi Posts: 456
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Hi all. Just thought I'd promote some of the rides heading out from Plymouth and the surrounding area over the Christmas holidays. Something for everyone here.


  • I'm going to come to the 2nd Jan meet (mtb) and see how I get in!

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  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Hi Matt.

    You just turn-up at Yelverton Car Park 10am Saturday 2nd January.

    No need to sign-up, everyone welcome. Steve Clare is leading that particular ride, I'll let him know you're coming along.
  • Hello,

    I'll be visiting family in Plymouth over the New Year and it's my birthday on the 2nd. Would I be welcome to come too, even though I'm not a YOGI? I know a couple of them (Neil & Brian).

  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Yep, anyone can come along to any of our rides, we often have guest riders and we are a very friendly bunch. We look forward to seeing you.
  • DazzzaDazzza Posts: 2,364
    I'll try and make a showing at some point provided it warms up a bit, can't be doing cycling on ice. ;)
    The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.
    Giant Anthem X
  • Hi there,
    I didn't make the meet the other day due to my boy being ill, sorry. This was meant to be my first meet with yogi club aswell, gutted! Nethermind. Is ther any meets after the 2nd Jan? I want to join the MTB club. Im free all week nights and some weekends. Are you meeting on tues or thurs week nights from next week?

    Hope to hear from you soon.....

    Matt :wink:
    Only the strong survive.... Keep low move fast
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Hi Matt,

    No problem. Rides throughout the year - Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays - Road and MTB. Membership is only 10 quid and you get to ride mtb and road plus experience to YOGi social scene. New Year Party is on Saturday 23rd.

    Check website for details.
  • Hi there,

    Thanks for getting back to me, What time is it on tues and thurs, and where? is it at Coypool? Are there diferent abilities for diferent rides?

    Thanks Matt :wink:
    Only the strong survive.... Keep low move fast
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Tuesday is Coypool, Plympton at 6.30pm.

    Thursday is usually meet Yelverton Co-Op at 7.15pm then drive out to the starting point on the Moor but check website for further forthcoming details.
  • Hi there,
    I was in Cann woods yesterday day by myself and bumped into to other mtb riders and asked them some advice and routes. I ended up going with them on diferent routes which was great. Neil, and sorry forgot the other blokes name! Neil is part of the yogi group. Thanks for showing us around, it really helped. I will come to thurs meet next week. Dont ant to venture a tues, not yet anyway!

    Thanks once again!

    Matt 8)
    Only the strong survive.... Keep low move fast
  • Hi there,

    Im going to try and make thurs if its still on and see if i can get up there. Does anyone know if the mtb id happening tomorrow? Its going to freeze tonight so will have to see if i can get out with this snow!
    If i cant make it what is saturdays ride like, is it mega quick? I would say im not unfit, but dont want to show myself up etc! :cry: I might be ok. How far you planning to go and where?

    Thanks matt
    Only the strong survive.... Keep low move fast
  • yogiyogi Posts: 456
    Hi Saturday's ride tends to be pretty quick but it does regroup regularly. Usual distance is about 25 miles.

    The Thursday crew are a pretty hardy bunch and tend to ride no matter what the weather.
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