Bianchi 928 C2C

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Just put some new bar tape on this one since the white stuff it came with last March wasn't white anymore :oops: As much as I like the Celeste though, I think white is probably best on this. Also took the opportunity to drop the stem by about 20mm, though oddly, I've felt no appreciable difference in any of the positions since doing so. Can't help think though I could do with a seatpost with no setback, yet the actual riding position feels perfect. Upgraded the front and rear mech from 105 to Ultegra and the rear cassette likewise. Removed the cheapo Vittoria Rubinos it came with and put on Conti GP4000S' which have yet to fail me. Thoughts?



  • Garry H
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    The celeste bar tape looks lush, better than I imagine white would be on that bike. Wouldn't bother using Ultegra instead of a 105 cassette, no difference at all ( a few grams???)for more money.
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    Lovely bike. Must admit I don't like the full on Celeste bikes, but this is a great compromise. The bar tape works a treat. Is it a comfortable ride?
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  • GavH
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    VERY comfortable. Certainly more so than the previous Alu thing I had. That said, it also feels quite mushy when climbing out of the saddle. Not sure if that may be the wheels though. I don't race, so it achieves the aim perfectly in terms of comfort on long rides.
  • GavH wrote:
    That said, it also feels quite mushy when climbing out of the saddle. Not sure if that may be the wheels though.

    In my experience R500s are plenty stiff, more likely to be a flexy fork.
  • pianoman
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    more likely to be a flexy fork.

    Agreed, the fork has got a nice curve on it for comfort, and I know what a straight fork feels like when going over bumps, but if it's curved too much at the steerer then it can feel unresponsive.

    Might be a good idea to get the stiffest stem possible, and if budget allows, to pick some top-end handlebars to sharpen up the front end?

    Of course, if you don't race, then the C2C range was always likely to be a better all-round choice than the B4P. It's all about what you want to use the bike for. You'd still beat me on a climb anyway :shock: