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Any teenage xc/trail riders around the Guilford area?

JamesBrckmnJamesBrckmn Posts: 1,360
edited December 2009 in MTB rides
Hi i am James, and i'm looking for other teenage riders around the guilford area. I live in godalming, south of guilford and usually ride the surrey hills - pitch hill and holmbury hill, and occasinally leath hill or swinley forest too. I have a couple of freinds who ride, but it would be nice to ride with other people too, as my friends aren't that fast, but that is due to their bikes being rubbish, not them (one has an apollo fs, the other has a ridgeback ht). I have a rockrider 5 xc, which is designed for xc, but i can do jumps and drops without damaging it, as i'm fairly light, and i'm quite fast too, but don't mind waiting for other riders. Any other riders round here?
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