Condor Squadra 2009

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Frame: Dedacciai EM2 scandium with carbon back end - 58cm
Forks: Deda Nero Forza 5 with carbon steerer
Bars: Deda Magic - 44cm
Stem: Deda Zero 100 - 11cm
Headset: Condor
Bar Tape: Fizik MicroTex

Front Caliper: Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed Skeleton
Rear Caliper: Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed Skeleton

Shifters: Campagnolo Chorus Ultrashift 11 speed
Cables: Campagnolo Ergopower Ultrashift
Front Mech: Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed
Rear Mech: Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed

Seat: Specialized Toupe - 143mm
Seat Post: Condor Carbon
Seat Post Clamp: Condor

Cranks: Campagnolo Chorus UT Carbon
Chainring(s): Compact 34/50
Chain: Campagnolo Chorus
Cassette: Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed 11-25
Pedals: Look Keo Carbon
Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo Record

Front Wheel: Campagnolo Neutron
Tube: Continental Race
Tire: Michelin Pro3 Race - 23mm

Back Wheel: Campagnolo Neutron
Tube: Continental Race
Tire: Michelin Pro3 Race - 23mm

Accessories: Zipp carbon cages, Garmin 705.

Weight: 8.1kg including pedals and cages

Other Info: My weekend bike. Please forgive the spacers above the stem, I want to keep some steerer length in case I need to sell the frame.

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  • Lovely machine Chirg. I was looking to possibly get a Ribble EM2 with carbon stays in a 52ish (sloping) frame size. For such a light, thin walled alu frame, do you get much flex or movement from the BB area at all? I weigh 84 kilos at 5'10" so i'm not exactly a lightweight. I'd be interested in your summary of it's ride characteristics if poss.
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    I've got a Squadra with rival groupset and I love it. It seems quick to react and is a nice ride. Perhaps on long, long rides, it may be a little "rougher" than other rides, but it is great for me. I haven't noticed any flex in the BB.
  • Thanks mroli. That's the kind of thing i'm hoping to hear.
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    I regularly do 50+ miles on it (Down the A4 from London, around to Marlow and over the Chilterns). I think it climbs great, feels good on the descents and I get off feeling great on a 2-3 hour ride. Centuries I have felt a little tired in the arms, but whether that is due to vibration through the bike, or poor posture, I can't tell. It certainly seems surefooted, goes where I want it to go and is quick off the mark. I'm really happy and also been really happy with the service from Condor. I do get a bit of "carbon" envy occassionally - but really, I don't think anyone could tell the difference, the bike looks lovely (in photos, it often looks like an all white bike as the Condor graphics don't stand out unless you look from the side). Like the OP, I've gone for the white and black look - but you could make it more distinctive easily.

    I'm just over 5 10 and 11 stone, got a 12 cm stem, but otherwise pretty much the same as the OP (apart from the Campag groupset, the carbon bottle cages and the Garmin!). I've got the crudguard racer things to fit (with a lot of tooing and frooing!)

    My only complaint would be the Mavic Aksium wheelset I've got. In (admittedly filthy) weather, a bit of crap got in the hub and grated a little - cleaned it out and fine now, but was annoying at the time.

    I think the best thing to say is that if I was to get another bike - it would be a bike fr something totally diffrent eg touring as I am more than happy with the Squadra - it is more than good enough for me - for centuries, blasts around, triathlons and anything else I want to do.wheelset upgrade would be needed far more than bike upgrade
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    Thanks all show.

    I like fast, responsive and exciting bikes and this ticks those boxes. The acceleration of it is great, with any wheels, but especially with the Neutrons pictured. It is definitely not a sportive bike, but something more suited to racing. I regularly do 75 miles or more on it each Sunday with no problems though.

    Out of the bikes I have/have had this it the stiffest bottom bracket, but I am only 75kg at six foot.
  • Nice one Chirg. Thanks for the info. I ride a Giant TCR1 which is starting to get a little "tired" now and the Squadra/Ribble ticks pretty much all of the boxes for me in terms of weight, geometry and stiffness thanks to your feedback. Much obliged fella.
    Now, to try and organise a test ride.....
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    Hey All Show - Condor have a couple of squadras in their winter sale - if you like Campag builds. Details here: So tempted by the Leggero......!
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    Just to let you know All Show I have spoken to Condor before about a sale bike, but wanted it without the wheels and they were prepared to accommodate this.
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    Missed this one (These normally only get awarded to people who submit theirs for the scrutiny of The OCP sticky)

    Here you go -

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    Thanks NapD :)