DHL suspends C2W until next year!!

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DHL's C2W scheme has been suspended until next May, not sure why! i know they have taken alot of flak because of the £500 limit and hopefully they have taken this onboard for the restart in May! I wrote an EMAIL to the Person heading up the scheme a couple of months ago stating my concern over the £500 limit against 2010 prices across the board! As you all know by looking at the majority of companys and distributers have raised the price of even entry level bikes by in some cases £50-£100! taken the average bike to at least £600 (for one you would want to keep). Fingers crossed eh!!

Anyone know of anything??? :?:


  • Not heard about this although I dont work for DHL but £500 I would presume that no one has gone for it considering there is not much you can by with that. I suppose you could get a Brompton.
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    Lots of companies (especially smaller ones, not that DHL fits that bracket) only offer c2w and similar for a limited period each year.
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    I work for a huge company (150,000 employees) and C2W is only available once per year. You sign up at the back end of the year and collect bike in Jan.
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  • I work for a local authority and our C2W scheme is only available 3 times a year. They set a limit of £1,000, which when I joined the scheme I thought it was plenty but now after a few months playing on my bike and with an eye on upgrading I'm dropping plenty of hints to my good lady about how I will NEED (not want!) a better bike when I've paid off the first one! :o
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