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Chiltern 100 6th June 2010

NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
Is anyone planning on doing this? I was planning on doing the Dragon but accommodation issues have ruled it out.

I am leaning towards the Medio Fondo but wondered if any others here have done this route. Does this route usually get a lot of interest or do most go for the Gran Fondo?

I would maybe be up/mad for doing the Gran except TFL have decided to close the Metropolitan tube line again that day so an 80km round trip from home/start/home is maybe not such a good idea :x


  • You can try Chiltern Railways, they stop at Great Missenden.

    The 100 miler is a very good route, quite tough with 21 climbs at 10-15%, roughly 1 Km each. The 60 miler misses the first part, which is the "easiest" and slightly less pictoresque.

    If you've got good legs, do it all.

    I did it three times, always around 6 hours 30-40
  • NWLondonerNWLondoner Posts: 2,047
    May have to book a hotel and stay a couple of nights. Anyone ever used premier inn at tring or hemel hempstead with a bike?
  • I am sure you will find somebody to share the journey with... are you so unpopular? Bloody londoners :lol:
  • It's a great route. This year (2009) it was pretty warm and I recall dragging people round for most of the course. More fool me I suppose. There is nothing difficult about it provided you go at your own pace and don't get suckered into racing early on. This year there were good feed stops, well stocked although there could (as with many sportives) be more savoury snacks on offer. Perhaps someone needs to start lobbying the savoury snack manufacturers for sponsorship. I did my usual thing this year and had too much of the sweet goodies and felt sick for the last hour.
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