Ridley Eos

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Hi guys. Very interested in this bike but I haven't been able to find any reviews on it. Has anyone got a Ridley? Would anyone recommend this bike?

RIdley Eos


http://www.ridley-bikes.com/pd/gb/en-gb ... -track/Eos

I can get it for £765 - good investment?


  • I bought 1 just last week for a second bike . its looks super , rides like a proper racing bike too. White bars , stem and seatpost make it look like a more expensive machine that it really is. The tyres are of race quality , all in all its a good deal for the money , I paid £825 for mine. Just my thoughts....
  • Good bike for sportives? Durable bike?
  • Thanks for the info blackrockracer, much appreciated. Anyone else got one? Anyone read a review on the bike?
  • Ive got the old one, grey and black, came with Tiagra build, and some 4ZA and Ritchey parts. Still have it, bit heavy, the frame is about 2 and a bit kilos, but i fitted it with new stem, seatpost and aksiums.
    Great bike. If you work hard with it, you'll feel the hard work paying off when you get a carbon bike. If you can go fast on the Eos youll go even faster on anything else.
    I paid €750 for mine, but have spent €500 on upgrades.
    Very good bike.
    Must go faster.