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My parcel (xmas present for me!) arrived in the UK on the 11th December. Just spoken to customs and they tell me its VERY likely that it has been released as currently its taking 5-8 days (10 days after arriving, 14 days after being dispatched). All 'kin Parcelforce do is tell me its awaiting custom charging! I paid extra for USPS priority delivery and now Parcelforce are being absolutely 'kin useless so there's now very little chance of me getting it by xmas despite paying £20 for delivery.

Even worse, if I do get hit for customs charges I'll have to pay Parcelforce something like £13 handling fee!

What a joke :evil:
More problems but still living....


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    There is a lesson here somewhere, bad luck mate.
  • amaferanga
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    dmclite wrote:
    There is a lesson here somewhere, bad luck mate.

    Never rely on Royal Mail / Parcelforce?
    More problems but still living....
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    Royal Mail delivered my parcels to me this morning - ordered last Thursday evening, which I thought was quite impressive over the Christmas period.
  • amaferanga wrote:
    dmclite wrote:
    There is a lesson here somewhere, bad luck mate.

    Never rely on Royal Mail / Parcelforce?

    Never rely on anything, nothing is set in stone and things go wrong :wink:
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    I would say it's a combination of couriers and customs. I used to have all sorts of problems in my previous job sending and receiving things to/from other countries with all major couriers - Parcelforce, DHL and TNT (in fact the combination of TNT and South African customs is really bad!).

    But there was also often something wrong with the way the sender had sent it (missing paperwork), or the person at the other not wanting to pay the duty.

    I'd say I had a problem with about 10% of all deliveries when customs were involved!
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    Never ever import an item by Parcel Force. They take so long to clear customs and will sometimes ask for the customs before delivering the item.

    IME DHL/UPS or Fedex is the way to go.

    Got my PS3 from Hong Kong in 2 days
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    My experience of Parcelforce is that they are good with domestic work, but their handling of overseas shipments could be a lot better.

    They still owe our business a couple of hundred pounds from 2 years ago. We paid customs fee's, VAT and duty by card. Then the driver turned up and insisted on a cheque - they banked that too despite us telling them that we'd already paid once!

    Not a fan of DHL.

    I suppose you get what you pay for, UPS are unbelievably quick in my experience - but you pay a premium for their service. No complaints about Fedex.

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