Lusso Windtex Tights

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Hi im looking for some windproof tights, ive come across the lusso windtex ones but would like to know are they any good? has anybody got them? or should i pay my money and go gore oxygen? thanks in advance


  • There's a big comparative review of winter tights in the current issue of Cycling Plus. The Gore Bike Wear Oxygen WS Bibtights+ scored 9 and were the editors choice.The Lusso Max Rebel (sic) Bib Tights scored 7, but are less than half the price of the Gore.
  • I saw the review and like the gore jobbies, but just wondered if the lusso windtex ones are up to the job for the smaller price. Maybe my original question should have been - who will be able to convince me to pay £130 for some tights?!
  • Crimmey
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    I have had the lusso windtex tights for a couple of months now and wear them a hell of a lot. I find them just the right length, I am 5' 7" but the small is a little big. I can barely squeeze into Endura small but easily in the lusso small. The back and front is too high up for my liking, I think its the same with most bib tights as that's where I seem to sweat alot, I guess its supposed to keep you warm. They do the job , just dont go out in the rain with them :) I haven't really noticed their effectiveness as its my top half that sweats and gets cold and distracts me so they must be quite good. No major complaints.

    I have also bought some ladies aldi bib longs and to be honest at £15 are a bargain and are excellent. They are a bit long ( suit inside leg 31+, I am 29)), but have a good pad and the cut is no different to the mens ones just that a small in mens is medium in ladies. These also have a fleecy lining, some splash proof panels and lots of windproofing on the front. I got a medium (ladies) which is waist 28-30 and am looking for a small size.

    Couldn't feel the cold on my legs at 4 degrees after a minute or two of cycling, not been cycling any colder on either pair.

    I have never tried or seen the gore ones and always go budget so cant compare.
  • Thanks Crimmey me old sausage, just the sort of info i was looking for!