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Panniers (Bigger ones on rear, or just get some fronts?)

EigerEiger Posts: 18
edited December 2009 in Tour & expedition
Right now I use Arkel 42L at the rear. I struggle to fit everything inside them but only just. Thinking about replacing them with Super C's - but also considering putting some front panniers on and keeping the Arkels.

How will the ride compare to having more weight on the back or spreading it out more evenly also over the front?



  • craftycrafty Posts: 85
    I use Super Cs on the front and Orkneys on the back. I prefer tp spread the weight. The only thing to watch out for with front panniers is crosswind which can affect steering. For 'light' days out I use the Super Cs, either front or back. See signature.

  • Do you use/need everything you take? If you are camping then fitting tent/food/stove in two panniers is doing very well. If you are staying in B&Bs/youth hostels then maybe you could take less - I just use a stuff sac and a bar bag for that sort of touring.

    General consensus is that front and rear panniers provides better weight distribution so the front wheel stays down when climbing steep hills. Steering is heavier but you get used to it very quickly. Obviously if you have more space then the temptation is to take more.
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