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quebrantahuesos - too good to be true...

FunguspuntFunguspunt Posts: 33
I joined UCI travellers club with the expectation of a guaranteed place in quebrantahuesos. E-mailed the organiser directly with my name... but looking through the list of participants I don't seem to be there. Have sent them another e-mail but no response yet. Anyone managed to get an entry through this route, and if so, how did you do it?



  • Went through this route and have got a place. Not sure what you have done but guessing you might have missed a step ot two out.

    We joined UCI Golden Bike, entered the Queb draw and then contacted the Queb organisers with our UCI number and draw number. They sent sent an entry form that needed to be completed and returned, plus bank transfer details for paying the entry.

    Got the entry confirmation email a few days ago and have en email from the organisers confirming our place.
    It doesn't get any easier, but I don't appear to be getting any faster.
  • It is quite an odd setup we have confirmed entrys but dont apear on any lists my understanding having spoken to spain in the last five minutes is dont panic its just taking a little time to get everything sorted. Good Luck Andy
    Training for the Cycle to Spain and the Quebrantahuesos
  • Our confirmations arrived this morning
    Training for the Cycle to Spain and the Quebrantahuesos
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