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Kula Deluxe project - target weight?

RIP-MK3RIP-MK3 Posts: 14
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new round here :D having sold my stumpjumper HT last summer after doing my alteria cruciate ligament, I now have an op date in Feb 2010 to get it sorted. I figured whilst I am recovering for 9 months :cry: I may as well spend the time building a new steed.

I have time on my side, and am not going to skimp on anything. Just picked up this kula deluxe (scandian) which is immaculate and got it at a good price (i think!!)

I also have access to trade parts through a friend, so plan on ordering a complete XTR groupset, plus carbon post/stem/bars etc.

What sort of target weight do you think I can get too? My stumpy was fairly light but that had mediocer equipment so am hoping for lighter out of this one?

frame is 18" btw




  • guess I'll build it and see then!!!
  • scale20scale20 Posts: 1,300
    I had a sofa like that once.

    Nice frame too :wink:
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  • Dr SDr S Posts: 146
    I have a Kona Kula Supreme, full xtr, mavic crossmax slrs and Fsa carbon finishing kit.
    Kona claims 20.5lbs, reality is 21.5lbs without pedals...
    I think your going to enjoy this bike ;-)

    Kona Kula Supreme, the hardtail
    Scott Spark 20 the softtail
    Cannondale CAAD9 the roadie
  • is the supreme a different frame dr S or just better specced model from new?

    21lb ish will do me very nicely!! I have only ever owned specialized so new to this kona melarky but the quality of the finish is really good. Trying to find out what seat post size I need atm, any idea's?
  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    This depends so much on your budget. Spend a grand speccing it and you might get to 24lbs(depending on what is available). Then weight loss becomes expensive.

    Chuck 4 grand at it and you will be below 20lbs. Your build looks to be about 21lbs as mentioned above, if you get light wheels and tyres.

    The Kula Scandium is a superb frame. The KonaWorld website lists the dimensions you need.
  • Dr SDr S Posts: 146
    I believe its the same frame for the Deluxe and the Supreme, certainly they both have extremely similar details..

    I need to get the Fire XC's off it and some Nobby nics on that should get me sub 21lb's..

    Don't know what the planned fork is but the Supreme came with a Custom travel Reba World Cup @85mm.

    I've no complaints

    Kona Kula Supreme, the hardtail
    Scott Spark 20 the softtail
    Cannondale CAAD9 the roadie
  • budget is about £2k - full xtr and carbon bits, and then either rock shox sid race/world cups or fox, has fox before and liked them, not sure how the weights between them work out.

    I'll have a gander over on konaworld, cheers.
  • kona world TECH PDF lists dimensions for kula and then for kula deluxe/supreme so must be the same. Handy website that.
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