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Green Oil chain lube - new plastic label?

Simon the riderSimon the rider Posts: 7
edited September 2010 in MTB workshop & tech
Green Oil chain lube and the Ecogrease seem to have a new plastic label. They used to have the recycled paper one. I like the paper one, but they claim they got damaged easily so they had to go over to plastic.

Is anyone else getting use to the new Green Oil label or think the 'compatible plastic' one is greener than the paper label?

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  • defflerdeffler Posts: 829
    Im a user of Green Oil however havent come across the Plastic labels yet but dont suppose it will bother me too much

    What does annoy me with their products is
    1) The lube doesnt have a re-sealable top
    2) The squirter on their cleaner is rubbish
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  • The new caps seem to be much better - and resealable.

    I find the spray on the Green Clean works well - it has two modes, and the pistol mode works a treat.
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