QR/maxle/maxle lite/15mm,QR, 10mm/12mm/maxle

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Does anyone really notice a difference or is it just the reviewers? Are they merely filling space with all this stiffness bollocks?

I had a Van R QR and it went where I wanted it to...now I have a 20mm maxle Lyrik and it goes where I want it to. Feels just the same to me - I make the wheel go where I want it to.

I have a Meta 666 and apparently the flex on the back end is noticable while running QR.
Just how do they pick up on this flex when I don't? They have super senses or something?

I noticed no difference between the QR Fox and the Maxle Lyrik.and I probs won't notice the difference between my QR rear and my Maxle axle (if I ever fit it).

So....just how do you pick up on this stiffness difference?

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    Qr and 20mm yes I can, More so at the longer travel.

    the Maxle lite is just for the weight weenies. engineering will say that lose too much material and it will flex. but where the material is has a big effect, now i have not seen a maxle lite or ridden one....

    15mm smaller lighter. not always the smaller the diameter the thicker the walls for the same stiffness.

    I think the 15mm is a shimano lead thing due to their continued use of the C and C bearings.
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    can definately notice a diference between my QR and my QR15 forks.
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    lab test; stand in front of the bike facing over the h-bars towards the saddle. Put the front wheel between your knees and yank on the h-bars. Try this on several different bikes and forks and you will see the difference in flex. Of course all components along the stress path play their part, notably the H-bars themselves, so to be fair to the fork you'd want the same h-bar and stem in each case, but even so, the difference is there and visible. Shockingly stiff is the C'dale lefty, btw.

    on the trail try holding a contour line on a steep camber, the front wheel on a very flexy fork will try and worm away from you downhill where a stiffer fork will track straighter.

    for certain 20mm through is stiffer than QR, 15mm I'm dubious about, more marketing bolx than anything I fear, but a tube bolted through the hub is by observation stiffer than a rod cinching components together (as in a QR) as the clamp at the tube ends is capable of transferring moments properly.
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  • Northwind
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    I can feel a difference between my QR Revelations and my Maxle revelations, even with teh same wheels, in the same frame. But not such a difference that I actually care, it's not like the QR ones are noodly. Either they're too short to get the big benefits or I ride like a girl. But the weight penalty's also very small (once you take into account that normal forks don't include a QR weight)

    I like the security of the maxle though.
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  • lawman
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    going qr to 20mm i have noticed a difference, but havening only ridden a 20mm on a fox 36 and i usually ride a tora, there is bound to be a difference, i didnt however feel that much difference between 2 fox 32's one with qr the other with 15mm, although this wasnt on generally testing terrain. imo i think there is a difference, but you have to look pretty damn hard to find it
  • I can notice the difference in stiffness between the pikes and tora's both at the same travel, much more twist in the tora.

    the qr15 is not marketing bollox, it is a patent avoidance exercise...
  • GHill
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    Maxle Revelations felt much stiffer than Fox Float QRs to me. But, to really draw a conclusion it would need to be Float QR15 vs Float QR (or maxle Rev vs QR Rev).
  • I have just converted from a fox 32 talas to RS revelations maxle and I have to say it notices a massive difference. Most if it was tracking based especially on corners at speed, my fox always flexed quite significantly (resulting in uppers and stanchions needing replaced once and now needed again hence the new fork).

    I don't think i'd bother going back to QR now.
  • richg1979
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    never noticed a diffrence between fox qr and 15mm axle but noiced diffrence between fox 15mm axle a 20mm maxle lites.
  • Northwind
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    I can notice the difference in stiffness between the pikes and tora's both at the same travel, much more twist in the tora.

    Yep, but then they're pretty different forks, there's more going on than just the maxle
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