Best breathable Shower Jacket

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I have given up wearing any waterproof ,as i sweat a lot ,and end up with the boil in the bag scenario . I need something for the odd downpour ,or constant drizzle . Can anyone suggest a highly breathable jacket .. I had in mind Gore Alp x in Widstopper AS . The Xenon in AS is too tight in a "race fit " What do you reckon


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    They are more rain jackets, than the shower ones you want.

    You need a light, easy to carry, take everywhere drizzle blocker. The same thing can double as a windstopper on a cold morning, until it heats up.

    Get a Montane Featherlite.

    Will wet through after hard rain, but is an excellent comprimise. Those that hate it say it aint waterproof.... it isn't meant to be!!
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    ...the windstopper softshells are fine in the rain, but they are too heavy for summer. I use windstopper softshells this time of year, and revert to normal cycle jerseys and the montane in the back pocket come warmer weather.
    I only stick my Gore Oxygen waterproof on if it is gonna bucket down and is cold!
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    I have the Gore Alp X and am very happy with it. Waterproof, breathable and very well cut.