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Raising Brompton seatpost one inch

veryslowtwitchveryslowtwitch Posts: 321
edited December 2009 in Road general

My Brompton seatpost is about one inch too short. I've already raised the seat clamp to it's maximum. My inside leg is 32".

are there any small collars that will give give me an extra inch or so to avoid getting a telescopic post? I have Ti post and don't really want to discard it. Any other tricks?




  • what saddle do you have?

    the brooks should give you a touch more height.

    The other option would be low stack pedals, but you'd loose the folding of them.
  • Thanks ride

    Clunky fat original saddle. I need to get the new one with the grip.

    I like the folding pedal so don't want to lose this.


  • hmm not a lot you can do then, brooks maybe?
  • turn the pentaclip upside down. it will give you about an extra 1 1/2 inch. if you take the penta clip to the top of the narrow part of the seat tube you will gain another inch. hth
    Cotic Soul rider.
  • Brompton sell an extra long seatpin
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  • yes sorry. i forgot i got one when i bought the bike. easy to change and only £11 i think. does make the folded package a bit taller. the extending post does keep to the original package size. i'm 32 inch inside leg as well. i have the longer post with a pentaclip upside down with a brooks and only have 1/2 spare. so i think you need more than 1 inch.hth
    Cotic Soul rider.
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