Feedback Pro Classic or Elite Workstands?

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Feedback Pro Classic or Elite Workstands? (Previously Ultimate brand)

LBS gave good review to the above. Narrowed it down to the 2 models.
Anyone got one? Any real benefit to the Elite over the Classic? Is the fancy clamp worth it over the less complicated classic one?

And, any reason to buy a different one (can get either for sub £200 so nothing over as a recommendation, please).



  • do you need the portability?

    for a proper workstand, look here archaic website, but amazing stands, far far far better than anything else you'll use. Look at the models a,b,e...
  • Go for the most userfriedly clamp you can get.

    Mine has a scew down version and it is really the only thing I can complain about - stands are so convenient
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    I need to be able to move it from the garage to the kitchen, to the garden...

    The Kestrel ones look (???) like they are a one spot only jobbie - due to weight??
  • they are mobile, just... obviously not the wall mounted ones.

    you can move the ds on your own, but it's easier with two. But the b and e are movable on your own.

    The benefit is that they're rock solid, like they're bolted to the floor. I've had a 45lb dh bike in an e- stand. whack the lock bar, spin the bike upside down and pull the bar back into place and it just didn't move!

    For really stuck bb and pedals you can just about move it around, but for jobs like that you generally need some sort of bizarre arrangement of three people and a bench to get them out!
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    What do they weigh???

    The website helpfully misses off all the specs....
  • let's just say that they're solid. I can guesstimate the model e on monday if you like.

    TBH I've used lightweight stands, but would go for having to heave the extra weight around for the stability.
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    I have the Feedback classic ( I think thats the model £200?) and its the best stand I've used thats portable.
    Its light strong and portable but more importantly its secure.
    I use Park workstands all day at work which are awesome but they are huge and permanent.
    Feedback also have excellent customer service as I found out.I enquired about some replacement jaws and where to get them and they just sent me a set for free.