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Cycling Buddy wanted for touring Europe in Summer 2010

BananaboyBananaboy Posts: 7
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Inspired by reading 'the man who cycled the world' and wanting to use my superb self built Surly touring bike, I'm planning on touring France and Italy next summer for up to a month. My friends dont have either the time or money or bike so I'd like to hear from like minded individuals who fancy embarking on an adventure ride with a stright, easy going guy. I've never ridden abroad before but really looking forward to it.

Thanks and looking to hear from you


  • Hi Bananaboy what months are you looking at going as I would love to go but I'am away for a week in mid july. what kind of accomidation are you looking at hostels/hotels or camping thanks
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  • Setting off solo can be a bit daunting, but once you get going you'll simply wonder why you didn' do it years ago.

    When I first went to India I also looked for someone, but soon found like-minded people to chat to along the way. If you stay in hostels, you inevitably get talking to folks from around the world... and you are then free to ride at your own pace when you set off in the morning. It's good to be selfish at times.
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  • dilemnadilemna Posts: 2,187
    Solo touring is preferable. You meet people along the way. If things don't look like they are going to work out you can always ride on or spend more time in one place whilst the other rides on. Aside to compatibility of cycling abilities you have all the other issues of what companions want to see, do or even eat. Starting out with some one there is an unwritten obligation to remain together which can cause friction. It might turn out you have teamed up with an eternal bore who becomes dependent upon you. Seriously going solo is better. You will have a much more fulfilling time encountering new people and situations which otherwise may not happen if you have a companion or are in a group.
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  • Yeah I'd agree with the solo option. I've been on two tours in Europe and would say that solo is the way to go.
    Sure, you'll get lonely at times, but it aint a big deal.

    Man up dude. You'll have a blast.
  • Thanks for your posts. There are definitely advantages in going solo and I agree with most of your comments. I dont particularly like being alone espcically in a foreign country. I hired a car for two weeks in west coast USA and didnt like being on my own but it's down to the individual. Maybe if I try cycling alone on a short trip I can decide.

    Flash 72 - I'm planning on going at the end of July 2010. I live in Manchester by the way.

    Cycladelic - I worked in Taiwan for two years. I did Kaoshuing to Taipei with two other guys supported by a van. That was a great ride over 400km on the west coast. Are you teaching English there?
  • How did you guess?

    I live in Toayuan Counyty - been here 10 years now.

    My wife and I will do another tour during the Chinese New Year break in Feb' - go over to the east side again... Ilan and Hualian, maybe get down to Taidung and then Orchid Island. There are some great routes here.
    It's an uphill climb to the bottom
  • Hi!

    I'm planning to leave in about a week or 10 days time for a 4 week-ish tour with I guess a similar plan to you. I've seen the advice about going solo and thought that's what I'd end up doing but if you would still be up for having a companion that'd be great as I'm a bit nervous about going alone. I also think it would just be fun to go with someone and share the experience and if we ended up having different ideas we could always be flexible if we wanted to split up later but I'm happy to go with any route preferences you have as I keep looking at different routes and I just can't wait to get on the bike, France and Italy sound great but I also considered Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Spain... various ideas. I've got a tent, cooker, all camping equipment required and as I do triathlon and love hills I feel pretty strong and ready to go but I'm happy to go at a relaxed pace too as so much of touring is about taking in the scenery, living and breathing it! What I would like on route is lots of lakes for wild swimming! Hope to hear from you if I'm not too late!!!
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