Planet X carbon SL or Ribble Gran Fondo

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Not sure which is the better buy, the Planet X SL carbon or the Ribble Gran Fondo. I'm going for the Ultegra 6700 groupset. Please give your suggestions!


  • Garry H
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    Whichever one suits your purposes best...
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    If the frame geometries are the same or very similar then both would be fine.
    You can spec your components to your needs too so adding a comfortable saddle/seatpost combo (if wanted) is worth finding out if you can choose this.

    You could always buy a frameset and put your own bits on.

    I think as I have now owned a fair few bikes, speccing up your own frame and parts is the best way by far and works out cheaper long term. 8)
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    I was in Ribble Cycles the other day & saw the Gran Fondo - Very Pretty! 8)

    IMHO the Ribble ooozes 'quality' whereas the Planet X, I tend to associate more with 'budget'. (I would have either one in a flash, and am sure I would be very pleased with either), but given the choice, it would be the Ribble for me.
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  • both great bikes and great deals

    i went for the ribble when i suffered with this very dilemma and I stick by my choice. It just looks like a real racer compared to the sl which doesnt imo

    frame design is very different
    Crafted in Italy apparantly
  • Would sooner walk round Blackpool with a nail in my shoe, than deal with Ribble. Planet X sl pro is bang on for price and quality, puts most Italian stuff to shame, i have one for spring/ autum training. Not to far behind my tcr advanced sl.
  • Ive got a ribble sportive and its quality . Dealing with Ribble is no problem ,and im shore the Grand fondo is quality
  • Humph
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    Both very good bikes especially for the money.

    I got my ribble sportive this summer (similar frame to the gran fondo) and made up with it. Great appearance, comfort and handling for me.

    I know some have had problems with Ribble but my bike spec,order and delivery fine plus ordered loads of other gear this year with no problem and quick delivery.

    Enjoy your decision making and more importantly your bike when you get it.
  • 1 for the SL Pro, you could say it's not as pretty as the Ribble or you could say it's sleeker. I got it to replace a much loved Bianchi in Columbus steel and while its a very different bike I haven't regretted it once.
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    Chopper999 wrote:
    Not sure which is the better buy, the Planet X SL carbon or the Ribble Gran Fondo. I'm going for the Ultegra 6700 groupset. Please give your suggestions!

    I can certainly recommend the PX SL Pro carbon. It provides tremendous value for your money. I don't have any experience about the Ribble. Chances are that Ribble is a good choice as well.

    My suggestion is to study the geometries of both frames and check which one is more natural fit to your measurements.

    For measurements, check e.g. the fit calculator at ... ATOR_INTRO
  • The more I ride my px pro sl - the more I like it!

    Longest I've been on it - 106 miles and was comfy as.

    It's light - great climber.

    Not the most inspiring paint job tho :roll:

    The ultegra £999 version - is a steal right now...
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  • Sl pro for me... Ribble are nice and i expect theres not much in it ride, quality or performance wise.. The planet x has a higher sped for less money.

    I used to own an sl pro and i sold it to buy a trek madone, i expected a better bike for the extra money and it really wasnt..

    The sl pro ultegra is awesome value (get it in white)
  • The PX is very simple looking I would go for the Sportive it looks class I am going to get one in the Spring and they are going to be doing 0% upto 18 months in the new year so they told me on the phone, even better :lol:
  • Cycling plus gave the Planet X a top write up, better then the Ribble if memory serves me right, and for £999 for an Ultegra 6700 build a bargain.
    I bought just the frame this year and i have to say it is a great frame & i feel value for money the frame alone is hard to beat and i have rode some frames in my riding life (former GB rider), and i am currently saving up to buy the Ultegra 6700 build from them.
  • 8) Personally i would go on ebay and see if there where any bargains about, ive picked up 2 trek madones at around £1000 and i'd rate these ass hauling bad boys over the px.. The pre 08 madones with the straighter tubes are going well cheap at the moment and its a tour winning ride.... Take a look around, you might like what you see!!!
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    I got a Ribble Nero Corsa and am very happy with it. Then again I've bought plenty of stuff (wheels especially) from PX and they are great.

    The Ribble bike looks better but I doubt if there's much difference in quality really. I'd go by spec. & sizing.
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