What wheels?

Da Mighty Chicken
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Hi peeps,

I'm looking at getting some wheels for my custom build very soon (Orange P7 hardtail) and wanted to get some feedback on what wheels to run with?

* I'm on the larger side of 18st at the moment so they'd need to be strong enough.
* Most of my riding is likely to be XC and Trail Centre kinda stuff

My current fave is the Hope Hoops with Mavic EX721 rims, Hope Pro II hubs, but not entirely sure if:

a) Is this overkill in terms of weight (rim)?
b) Hopes web site suggests tyres sizes of 2.3" - 3.0", I have the Panaracer Fire XC Pros 2.1", will these be ok?

Thanks for any advice or recommendations you can give :D