GT Avalanche or Aggressor??

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Hi people,

I'm looking to buy a new moutain bike but never really learnt much about them so not too sure which of these 2 bikes is better and there both the same price, i was hoping you lot could help me out =] theres links to them below.
i use my bike mainly round the city and occasionly for XC in forests with abit of downhill, nothing to kamakazi! ... 29915#dtab ... gn=froogle


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    The Aggressor has Hydraulic brakes instead of mechanical however the Avalanche has better tyres and Shimano chainset (instead of suntour).

    The two bikes are not the same size though on the websites - Ag is Large whereas the Ava is Small (unless the stores have different stock).

    IME you get better customer service from Evans but it can vary across different chain stores.
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  • theres also 10% off the aggressor so its £269
  • thanks for the replys. Rapid your bike looks a bit. . . .well boxy, i was hoping for something a bit more shapely and aerodynamic :D
  • There are some deals at Halfords website this weekend on the Gts eg. the XC2 for £315.
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  • The Avalanche would be a better buy. The Aggressor's spec isn't as good. If I were you, don't even get a GT in this price range (Trust me, I had to suffer a cheap Aggressor for 5 yrs)- especially from Halfords (crap on customer service).
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    the aggressors tend to be more aggressive bikes, esp furether up the range, im not sure if this applies to the bottom end mind...
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