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Where can I buy a chain guard?

thebongolianthebongolian Posts: 333
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Looked in all the usual places online but can't find one for the life of me.

Something like this is what I'm after


Anyone able to give me some help?


  • Local Bike Shop???? ... rousers--0
    All shapes and sizes

    Disc Type: A chainguard at its most basic is a plastic or metal disc fitted on the outside of the chainset, shielding your clothes from the sharp teeth on the chainset. However, the chainguard disc doesn't protect you from the upper run of the chain, so still means dirty trousers unless you ‘tuck, clip or roll up'.

    Hockey Sticks: More effective are ‘hockey stick' chainguards which fit over the chainguard and the upper run of the chain. These can be easily retrofitted to many bikes and are available as standard on many ‘city' and ‘trekking' bikes. Make sure the one you get is doesn't interfere with your gear change.

    Chaincases: More effective still are the full coverage chaincases found on ‘Dutch' style city bikes. These completely enclose the drivetrain - good news for your pants and good news for the bike too.

    "good news for your pants"?????????? ... chain.html
  • Would one of these fit?
    Help I'm Being Oppressed
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