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Stolen Orange p7 Pro, Specilized Sirrus Comp, Trek 4700

mat006mat006 Posts: 4
edited December 2009 in MTB stolen
Last Saturday night (5th December 2009) my three bikes were stolen from my shed at my house in Surbiton.

The three bikes where:

An Orange P7 Pro, black, with XTR clipless peddles, hope mini disk brakes and black scarab forks

A Specilized Sirrus Comp, Grey frame, cut down handle bars, with Miche Excite wheels (red and black), it also had a rack on the back.

A Trek 4700, black, with disk brakes, and a big fat gel seat (it was the wife's).

If you happen to see any of them(especially the P7 - missing not having that to go out on this weekend) please drop me a line - [email protected].


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