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Insurance claim question....

mattward1979mattward1979 Posts: 692
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Last night I had the misfortune to be the victim of bike theft....

yes, my new Spesh allez 2010 was nicked from outside a snooker club where I was having what turned out to be a very expensive 2 beers.....

I have the bike under my home insurance, and its insured away from home.
It was chained up with the front wheel removed, and chained through the rear wheel, frame, then looped back over the top tube and then to a bike rack with CCTV close by.

I also have 2 witnesses that saw me chain it up securely....

Now my insurer is Abbey, and they assured my wife 2 weeks ago when we added it that no special lock was required, as long as it was chained securely.

But, as its an insurance company, im sure they will employ some kind of deviousness to keep them from paying out....

Has anyone dealt with Abbey for this kind of thing? or does anyone have any tips for a smooth insurance payout?

Ps, called the police the second I found out and gave Abbey the crime reference


  • bigmatbigmat Posts: 5,132
    From what you say sounds like you should be covered. Always worth checking the smallprint in the policy though, just in case there are any nasties there. ight be worth making a note of when you had the conversation with the insurance guy as they may have taped the conversation - could be handy if you do get into an argument.
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