Anyone live in Spain?

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It looks like I'll be leaving HK next year and have seen a job opportunity in Spain (near Cadiz).

I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on what would be a reasonable monthly salary on which to live for a family of 3, and also what the cost of living is like over there.

If anyone has recent experience of living in Spain, I'd greatly appreciate your opinions.

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  • Seeing as no one's come forward, there's a poster by the name of Teticio who rides and works in Madrid who recently posted a thread about ''bikeism'' over on the Commuting board. He might be able to give you some guidance.
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    I am Spanish although I haven’t lived there for the past 5 years now I can tell you a few things about Cadiz and Andalucia in general.

    Be prepared to wait – life is much more laid back around there, post is slow, everything is slow.
    Very cheap to live there – I would have thought you could lead a comfortable life there for a family of 3 with around 3000 euros net. Depends on where you want to live of course, near the beach in a touristy coastal town? Ask for more. Somewhere back inland, cheaper.
    Food is crazy cheap and quality is generally very good
    Excellent sea food
    Drink some gazpacho! I miss it!
    Loads of immigration
    Great tarmac for cycling
    You will need to speak Spanish as Spanish people are a bit like the English when it comes to speak other languages.
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    gabriel959 wrote:
    You will need to speak Spanish as Spanish people are a bit like the English when it comes to speak other languages.

    Que?! :lol:
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    sounds like an opportunity to experience another culture and learn a language for you and family - hope it goes well...
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    Thank you all for your responses, especially gabriel. 3000euros was roughly what I was thinking as the job is in an affluent and coastal area, where costs presumably will be higher. Glad to hear the tarmac is nice - courtesy of the EU, I assume!? One of the main draws is the weather (of course), but I've not spoken Spanish since O Levels, a long, long time ago.....

    Muchos Gracias,
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