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Annual Friston Christmas Ride

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This is also on SDH forum so apolgies if you're reading this twice....

Doesn't time fly, Lee the Hippys Fristmas ride is back again for the forth year.

This year it's Monday the 28th of December. Chances are the weather will be sh*t but it's a reason to get off the sofa and get the blood flowing with some old school DH. If you're not familiar, Friston forest is on the South Downs near Seven Sisters Country Park. The annual Christmas ride is just a chance to meet up and have a laugh. It's a laid back thing with no competition. As Alvar says, the only pressure is in your tyres.

Last year the ground was frozen solid and we all had a fine time. There'll be a few extra shore ramps installed on the day as usual.

If you live any where near Brighton or Eastbourne and you're free on the 28th, come and join us around 10am and hopefully for the rest of the day.
If you've never been you can get directions to the trails from Cuckmere Cycles

The DH trails start near near the top of the hill next to the A259, a fire road runs along the bottom of the valley from from the bike shop car park, the DH trails finish near the Fireroad look to your right when coming from the bike shop car park

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