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Bikes stolen! 18 Bikes-Hope,Peak District

sniper68sniper68 Posts: 2,899
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18 bikes in Hope,Peak District, have had a break in and are asking people to look out for theses stolen demo bikes.
the bike shop in Hope, Derbyshire, in the Peak District (Peak Park!)
Shop Break In

We've had a break in, bummer. Please Keep an eye out for these 4 distinctive demo bikes, all used/dirty.

- Nicolai Helius CC, Medium, Distinctive Orange Camo paint
- Santa Cruz Blur LT2, Medium, Black
- Santa Cruz Heckler, Medium, Orange
- Pace RC405, White, Medium

Full photos and specs are over on our Flickr site PLEASE SHARE THIS INFORMATION everywhere you can think of.

As a side note- please check out our news pages before selecting Chubb Security as your alarm provider.

Photos HERE


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