1980 Raleigh singlespeed commuter

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1980 Raleigh... something... I'm tempted to call it a Raleigh Goldmine as the bike cost me £12 then I sold the 27" steels for £35. I still have the mechs and shifters and small ring in a box in case I want to change back to geared, but the rear cage was a bit bent and would require some fettling to work again.

Repainted by yours truly in leftover paint for my similarly-aged Datsun (it has a nice pearl to it that you can't really see in the photos - when the sun hits its bright silver).

Cheapo 700c wheels with Schwalbe tyres, Dicta 18t freewheel. Colour-coded bar tape and Bluemels mudguard. Now also has a red KMC chain (not in the pics) and proper QRs (not tinfoil Quando ones).

76 gear inches which is fine for light hills.

I have recently fitted some Brooks bar tape and tan wall tyres - I don't particularly like the look now though, it's a bit bland, I'm going to change it back. The Brooks saddle and bar tape (the best thing about Brooks bar tape is that it's infinitely reuseable) are going onto my Coventry Eagle weekend bike when I build that up (leather is too good for a university bike). I'll put the original Milremo (super-uncomfortable suede jobbie) saddle and some more red tape on this one. For winter the original full-length plastic guards are going on (perhaps colour-coded) instead of the stubby Bluemels which does nothing.


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    Frink - a superb job, I like the colour and the overall result.

    Looks a 'nice ride' too.

    Well done, good to see such efforts rather than taking such legendary bikes to the 'tip'

    What a gold mine indeed!
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    Love the look of this.