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Replacement brake pads for Tektro 356 dual pivot brakes

artaxerxesartaxerxes Posts: 612
edited December 2009 in The workshop
I'm after some replacement brake pads for my Tektro 356 dual pivots, but all the pads I've seen are either Shimano or Campag types. Can Shimano type pads be fitted to Tektro brakes? Or do I need to replace the entire block and not just the pad?



  • The shimano pads will fit or koolstop though they are tight.
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  • VegeetaVegeeta Posts: 6,411
    Aztec ones are very good, you should just be able to replace the insert though as Wooliferkins said they can be a very tight fit.
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  • Thanks, I got some Shimano ones and they fitted fine.
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