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STOLEN: 4 bikes, wheels and spares

woody2000woody2000 Posts: 13
edited December 2009 in MTB stolen
Stolen from a friends garage in Scholes, nr Bradford, probably the early hours of this morning.
Details to follow, but briefly the bikes are as follows:

Yeti 575 in White/turq, med. King wheels, Fox QR15 Forks
Cove Handjob, Orange, med. King wheels, Fox TALAS forks
Van Nicholas HT, small
Scott Genius, small

Probably 12k's worth in total

2 sets of wheels - 1 pr Hope XC (gold) on 717 rims, silver spokes. Salsa QRs, XT cassette. 1 pr - "dogs dinner" not sure what they were, but they were sprayed completely red at some point.

Various spares - mechs etc

I suspect we were followed home from a ride in Bingley last night, though my shed/bikes are still there this morning and he dropped me off. Mine mustn't have been worth the trouble

Eyes peeled folks! Mail me at jason(dot)[email protected](dot)co(dot)uk with any info, thanks


  • More details on yetifan - here
  • Quick update - looks like the Hope wheels have been found at a local scrotes house. However, as my friend can't prove they're his (despite describing them perfectly to a PC on the phone, even down to the colour/brand of the rim tape, the tyres attached to the wheels and the brand/colour of the QRs), he won't get them back (yet).

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