glasses for those who wear glasses...?

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Which prescription cycle glasses should I get, bearing in mind my eyes seem to deteriorate every year and so I cant afford top end stuff every year?




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    not sure on specific models but there is a removable lens standard that are prescription compatible. you could get these and just update the lenses as when they are no good.
  • I used to have some Briko's with inserts and they were initally great on the MTB, but found on the road my head was lower and I was then looking through the edge of the insert.

    I then got some optilabs ones - which have been great but I must say the quality is not as good and I expected a bit more from glasses of that cost. But then the money is in the lenses and they give excellent view and don't mist up like the double layer ones.

    I have the scorch frame and have Photochromic (reactorlight type) lenses on my prescrition which means I can wear the same glasses all year round from mid summer to night riding without issue.

    I have now taken to wearing these whilst playing football as well as they are strong enough.

    I know you say you eyes deterate every year - but by how much. I find on the bike if I'm slightly out on a prescription it is not too bad. If you have a rapid change then I suggest getting to a doctor as it sounds more serious
  • I've just recieved mine from Kontrolsports. If you look at the set of 3, 3rd from the top of the list, they're the ones I bought.

    I have quite a strong prescription so to have wrap round shades I need an Rx insert. At this price I have 3 pairs of differing shades for less than the price of compairable adidas, oakley etc... glasses. You just get the insert fitted to your script at your local optiction. It cost me £40 for mine but like I said I have a strong prescription.

    Plus when my eyesight changes all I have to do is get a new lwnse for the insert and I still have the glasses there ready to use.

    The opticion I use only sells high end glasses and he was really impressed with the quality of the glasses and the insert when he saw them. He even felt that the insert fitment was better than the adidas and oakleys that he sold.
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    I have tried both the insert type (adidas) and the single lens (optilabs).

    I had trouble with the insert lenses fogging up in certain weather conditions and with vision clarity on long days where the quality of light varied across the day.

    I much prefer the optilabs, given they do not mist up and you can get lenses that will adjust to the amount of sunlight. I have worn them for both the Etape which was run in very bright sunshine and for gloomy September/October UK sportives and they handle the different light sources well.

    To me they seemed reasonably priced and can handle quite a range of perscriptions ( I initially went with the insert type because they couldn't do single lens for my persciption and only later found out this was possible with optilabs). They have a choice of frames and lenses. I was fortunate in that their showroom is not too far away in Croydon, so was able to check out the different frame styles
  • Following on from earlier - I wasn't too sure with optilabs so I phoned them up and they sent me some frames to try on before I ordered all free of charge.

    Right now they have £20 off as well, so you could get a decent pair of glasses for just over £100.

    Definitely the way to go IMHO.
  • Whilst I have to agree that the optilabs glasses are a much nicer looking product. They are some what limited.
    The OP is after something he can change as his eye sight does ( yearly he states) In which case having to pay over £100 is a bit steep every year. At least with inserts the OP can pay a reduced fee for just a new lense to be placed into a bog standard clip in frame. Also Optilabs is some what limited, as they can only do lenses that are sph +8/ -10 & cyl -/+ 6. If like me he would fall ouside there ranges then they are a non starter. It also says that on some frames you are limited to single vision lenses only.
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  • I use Rudy Project with an RX insert. Great sunnies and great glasses on the bike.
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    +1 for the kontrolsports glasses
    I got them and a friend of mine who is an optician put my strong prescription into them for a tenner
    I have had problems with my normal glasses steaming up but not these
  • Contact lenses do it for me - far less hassle
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    +1 for contact lenses.
    You have the pick of the field for any sun glasses them.
  • Daily disposable contacts here too.

    Admittedly i'm more of an MTBer, but I find I can't ride near as hard in glasses now as I can in contacts - the weight of the glasses means they tend to bounce a little on my nose which doesn't half screw my vision up.
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    +1 for Rudy projects or other glasses with inserts. Once you're used to them they're fine. You can get them to fit well, unlike the optilab glasses I bought 3 years ago which were one size fits all and a very wide nose bridge. Maybe they offer different sizes now? If they fit you, fine I guess. Had a problem with them misting up as there were no vents, unlike the Rudy Projects.
    Also can get replacment lenses for the inserts at your local optician, probably cheaper and more convenient.
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    thanks fellas.....sorry i didnt thank earlier but was away - I'll have a look at the ones suggested and report back sometime


  • Wappygixer wrote:
    +1 for contact lenses.
    You have the pick of the field for any sun glasses them.

    And again. Contacts for me.
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    I'm just trying contacts or should I say 1 contact look promising (left eye only) :D
    Not as good as prescription glasses for me but a lot cheaper.
    The Kontrolsports look good though but I already have an array of cycling sunglasses etc hence trying contacts.