A nippy road bike for someone incredibly wrinkly

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I have a Van Nic Amazon light tourer that I use for my 30 mile commute and general thrashing around the lanes at weekend. This is a Ti bike with mudguards, open pro rims and 23mm GP400s tyres.

I really like the VN, so I plan to keep it for when it’s wet or I need to use panniers. What I would like to do is get something faster for fun rides out. I’m a 56-year old git so I need something with relatively relaxed geometry, but I could manage something a bit more aggressive than the Amazon.

I'm 5' 9 and weigh 11 stone 10. I had a fitting service when I got the VN and it was money well spent. I think Ti is great, but haven’t ever owned a carbon or steel bike and am open-minded. Not interested in alli though.

I’d very much appreciate views on whether I could get much of a speed gain without going for a racing bike (that would just hasten the arrival of a zimmer frame).

Also, any suggestions on what bike to go for? No budget really, could imagine 4k ish.
Thanks very much.


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    Why not the VN Zephyr (as you are already pleased with the VN Amazon) - described as a 'comfort racer'?

    ...potentially, a 'racy' carbon framed bike may be stiffer than you'd feel comfotable with over distance?
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    Or even the VN Yukon?

    That's one of the most all-round bikes you could hope for, I would have got one if I was not bothered about going ultra-fast and wanted to do Audax events, but I wanted something aggressive for fast riding that would also handle training, sportives and time trials. So I got the Chinook :D
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    Thanks for these thoughts - much appreciated.

    I'll be keeping the Amazon so I started off on the basis that ought to try a different make - but you've got me wondering about that now.
    I think you're probably right that I ought to avoid a carbon racer. In your view would I see a significant difference moving to one of the other VNs?

    On the other hand I have a bit more cash to splash than I had when I bought the VN, so maybe that opens up other Ti options that I ought to think about?
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    I'd suggest it may be worth contacting Van Nic directly (or a trip to your local VN stockist), telling them what you have currently and what your requirements are. As they also have a 'tailor made' option on their range of bikes, I'm sure they can sort something specifically to suit your needs.

    It would also be worth road-testing a couple of carbon bikes at the same place to see what you'd be gaining or losing over a Ti steed of similar spec.
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