Decathlon Rockrider 6 fr

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I just saw this behomoth on the decathlon website.
I think a few things got lost in the translation...
Fun and easy cycling at an affordable price.
however it won't really be easy to cycle on this since...
Weight: 18.4kg
It has quite heavy duty components, such as reinforced tyres, 203mm discs, suntour duro 150mm forks and 150mm rear suspension, but it says
Restricted use: not suitable for freeriding or downhill racing.
What else could you use this for then? xc? all mountain? on a eighteen and a half kilo bike?
Also, rigid forks with 150 mm travel? :lol:
Suspension/ shock: Suntour Duro 150mm fork. Adjustable rebound and preload. Rigid fork with oversize upper tubes. Kindshock 190x50mm with adjustable rebound.
But for £30 more, you could get a carrera banshee, which weighs 3kg less! I wish i could spend £30 more on my bike and make it 3kg lighter! :lol: