Beware Credit Card Scam on Sportive entry

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Can't mention names as subject to libel etc, but i am pretty sure given to what has just happened and that was on the back of what happened last year.

Crucial thing is, don;t give them your Date of Birth... no need to just make one up to get into the age bracket you want to be in.

In my opinion a site used for processing entries for various sportive is insecure.


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    In theory sportive organisers don't need the full DoB, just the year, but the software used to generate the entry form may not be flexible enough to do that.

    Putting in a slighty fake DoB, i.e. with the correct year date, may be a way to help avoid identity theft issues. Also never used a debit card but instead always use a credit card for online purhases.
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    Exactly my point. So post the wrong DOB.