Anyone bought from Ready to Ride Cycles?

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I ordered a KCNC stem that hasn't turned up.
The only number is a mobile.
I have left message and emailed.
The terms & conditions mention nothing about postage.

My money has cleared and been taken from my bank account.

I don't want to be know....I just wanna know it's gonna get here.

Have you ordered from these guys before?
How long did it take?



  • freehub
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    I havent but they have an ebay shop with 100% feedback so I doubt you've been conned.
  • stevenb
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    Cheers for that.
    Perhaps they just sent it via 2nd class standard or something.
    Fingers crossed.
    Their website shows cheaper prices on some items compared to their ebay shop.

    I'm ordering some KCNC brakes next. :D
  • ScottieP
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    StevenB - did you get your stuff in the end? Just thinking about ordering some KCNC skewers and interested in your feedback - the ebay feedback looks pretty reasonable.

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  • stevenb
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    Yes I did.
    Rick is a top bloke and kindly sent me another stem very quickly after the first one went missing.
    He then sold me a further stem as the one I had had a failed ti bolt which I eventually sorted and am still using.

    With all my woes Rick was quick to communicate and sort the items I wanted very quickly indeed.
    Most helpful.

    Don't fancy a stem as well do you? lol
    Im also selling a KCNC seat clamp.
    Cheap bung at an advert there... :lol: