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Removed freewheel replacing with single cassette

spaniamaniaspaniamania Posts: 80
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Im just in the process of building up a singlespeed.
However Im having a little trouble with the back wheel (700cc)
The Free wheel has been removed from the wheel.

I have managed to obtain a mountain bike wheel with a Gusset 12 tooth cog, two spacers and a lock ring.

The internal hole in the cog is too wide and has slots which the 700cc wheel does not have.

I need a cog for the back wheel.
How do I make The Gusset cog fit?
Where do I get a new cog on the cheap?



  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    You have conflicting fittings on the wheels. The 700c wheel takes a screw on freewheel, the MTB wheel takes a cassette cluster. Neither will fit on the other as you have found out.
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  • Good ol Sheldon.
    Thanks it appears I have a Traditional Threaded Hub.
    Any ideas how i might attatch a single gear?
    If it aint cheap I guess its easier to change the wheel.
  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,921
    Sounds like you have a 130mm OLD hub and frame to suit. You can get the wheel re-dished and spaced to use in your frame at present. Are you wanting a freewheel or fixed sprocket? If the former then look for Shimano freewheels, around £20. Do not buy the cheap offerings around £10 as they do not last. For spacer kits have a look at velesolo.
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  • The plan is to go singlespeed rather than fixed.
    However it could all change.
    What does redishing involve?
    What might that cost?
  • stickmanstickman Posts: 791
    Cost £12 my area. They loosen the spokes on one side and tighten them on the other, this moves the rim across so it's central when put into the frame.
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