rear light reccommendations please!

Dr M
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im after nice bright good visibilty rear light!

thinking of

cateye big handgrenade light (LD1100 i think)
Smart superflash
Niterider cherrybomb
Blackburn Mars 4
or the RSP astrium 2 1/2 watt LED's in this one!

any good bad things about the above?



  • the RSP is v good value for money 2 x0.5 Watt leds nearly cause retina burn
    can do one for £13.50 delivered
    dont only ride a bike
  • keef66
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    I have the Cateye hand grenade and find it pretty bright, good sideways visibility, good battery life, and you can have one row of leds flashing and the other static.

    Also just got a Smart Lunar 1/2 watt for son's bike but since he's passed his test he's apparently lost the use of his legs :roll: so it may be goin on my bike as a backup. Seems pretty bright, and I was surprised how small it is.