Spare rear wheel for indoor trainer

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I'm thinking of buying a cheap rear wheel that I can put a trainer specific tyre on which I can swap out with my current rear wheel depending on whether I'm training on the road or on the trainer. Basically I can't be bothered to keep having to swap the tyres over and don't particularly want to cook my road tyres on the trainer.

I'm slighlty worried that if I bought a different make/brand of wheel that the spacing/dimensions might be different and that I'll have to faff around re-indexing gears each time I swap the wheels. I have a Shimano 9 speed cassette, so if I buy a wheel with a hub that is compatible with Shimano 9 speed cassettes do you think I'll be ok and achieve what I'm hoping to achieve?



  • Cranks
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    Yes, you will have no problems.

    What I would do though is definately swap the cassette over, this cassette will be used to your chain and work well.