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Crank Tick - Should I return to dealer?

fairweatherbikerfairweatherbiker Posts: 116
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My nearly 1 yr old Trek has recently developed a distinct ticking sound coming from the crank - as it only occurs when the pedal is in one position, the sound is more noticable under load, and happens no matter what gear is selected.

Other bikes I've had have always made odd squeaks and rattles etc, but this one has been silent since new, and has only just started making this noise.

Its still under warranty - should I get this checked out - could it be serious?
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    It could be one of many things, almost all benign. It is a process of elimination - could be the bottom bracket that needs greasing, bolts o the chainset need tightening, pedal bearings - go through one by one, servicing until it goes.

    Park Tools has a guide you can follow o diagnosing noises.

    Has it been serviced recently?
  • itboffinitboffin Posts: 19,761
    Oh I feel your pain I had this one my Trek road bike on and off since I bought it, in the end I swapped the BB for a Token CNC beauty. I would recommend you check the tiny bit of dérailleur cable that sticks out just by the cranks, if that gets bent out and touches the crank arm it gives off an annoying tick once per revolution :wink:
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  • 2alexcoo2alexcoo Posts: 251
    Pedals are a common culprit for clicking noises
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