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Riding buddies around Hockley, Rayleigh and surrounding area

paulshazpaulshaz Posts: 3
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I'm based in Rayleigh and my local route is usually Hockley, Gusted and Grove woods. I've also crossed over to Pound woods, Belfairs and Hadleigh now and again.

I'm on the look-out for some riding buddies interested in joining me (or me joining them) for a bit of riding in the area (or other suggestions).

At the moment I'm only managing to get out at weekends. I'd be interested in getting into some riding at night (too chicken to do it on my tod :? ).



  • ploppyploppy Posts: 173
    im up for a blast, i also only live in rayleigh. ive been to hockley woods too many times now and im bored of it, also bored of riding through doglogs.
    did a good loop last weekend but unfortunately there was qutie a bit of on-road stuff to deal with too but it was aorund 20 miles and linked hadleigh to hockley woods.
    give us a shout if you fancy meeting up for a ride.
    go flat out or fall out!
  • Another Rayleigh boy! Yeah, let's meet up. I know what you mean about Hockley woods, it's just convenient. My window of opp is small sometimes (wife/kids etc), but I can hit the trail via Grove Woods or Bull Lane in less than 5 mins.

    I'd be interested in trying your Hockley/Hadleigh loop. Was that right over to the country park, or Westwoods? How long did it take you?
  • ploppyploppy Posts: 173
    im not sure where west woods is, it took me a good couple of hours.
    go flat out or fall out!
  • ploppyploppy Posts: 173
    i think there are a few of us going over thorndon way on sat if youre interested.
    go flat out or fall out!
  • Hi there,

    After some advise...

    My brother lives in Rayleigh, and at about this time last year when I last visited him, I went out on the Sunday for a blast and came across some woods ( West woods ) if i'm correct... Trying to do some reserch as I noticed some large woods on Google Maps, north east on the map (hockley woods...)...?
    So just trying to find out if there is any riding around there or should I just stick to what I found last year...?

    Any advise would be great.
    Hi all, new to the forum, I live in Stockton (Warwickshire) and even though I have a few riding buddies I am always looking for other people to go out riding with or even talking " nuts & bolts" guys or girls!!!...
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