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Alfine hubs

shrekstershrekster Posts: 35
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Hi, can anyone tell me what the differences are between the shimano alfine hubs? are the s500 and s501 hubs the same internally?


  • I don't know the tech details, but I believe the 501 had some sort of clutch upgrade, making shifts smoother and quicker.

    Having said that, the s500 on my Pylon8 is crisp after 9 months (~1500 miles) use.

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  • MichaelWMichaelW Posts: 2,164
    according to a rely on hubstripping (the place for everything hub-gear related)

    "They added an additional roller clutch (on the 501) in place of a ratchet assembly. That makes the 501 completely ratchet free and improves the quietness and smoothness of the internal assembly."
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