Buying stuff off ebay is not always a bargain

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It looks cheap, there's probably a reason.

I got two roofbar mounting cycle racks for £25 recently. Obviously it said used, what I didn't expect (three months later now I've got round to fitting them) is that the one key I have fits 3 of the four locks, and the one with most use has a stripped thread in the long bolt that clamps the downtube on and the plastic seating for the same bolt has worn so that the bolt turns when you try to tighten the clamp.

I cobbled together the best bits and made one cycle carrier which will do for the moment. But buying secondhand isn't like getting new stuff cheaper is it.

Caveat emptor

I don't think I ever want to spend much on ebay - you could just end up with a crock of sh6t. Buy new and have some comeback I say right at the moment.


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    mr_si wrote:
    Buy new and have some comeback I say right at the moment.
    You have a comeback on ebay as well (not after leaving it 3 months tho). If something is not as described you can get a refund.

    There are plenty bargains to be had on ebay if you use your common sense and do a bit of research. You have to realise that second hand things have been used before and you need to give them a thorough check over as soon as you get them.

    (i dont mean make it sound like you have been stupid or havnt used common sense. Its just one of those things that you will learn from and next time will know what to do.)
  • true second ahnd buying does have some laws and rules to cover you, but when you start spending a bit of cash its worth following up and making sure you are aware.