Problem with Blackburn/Easton Bell Sports

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Anybody bought anything from Blackburn (no not the rovers!) and had a problem with it and had a problem with getting any sense/response?

I got a Neuro computer last August and since a week after the end of year guarantee (typical) it started playing up. It would freeze, not connect, freeze halfway through a ride, lose time of day by 45mins to an hour at a time.
I changed batteries in all the parts, cleaned them, checked they were connecting properly, at right distances etc etc but every so often it would still pack up.
This product has a lifetime guarantee so I emailed Blackburn and was asked questions like "Is it by a major electric item ie tv, mobile phone or stored outside". This was neither the case so replied back but was told that I would have to email the european warranty side of things. Did this a number of times and have had no respone whatsoever! There is no phone number from them and each time I've contacted the U.S numbers/email I've been told they can't help as I live in europe.
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  • The first point of contact should be the LBS you bought it from. The Blackburn lifetime guarantee was always touted as being worldwide when I was a callow youth and worked in the bike trade. If they can't help, and if they're any use at all the fact that it's out of the statutory guarantee period will be superceded by Blackburns lifetime guarantee, then contact Madison Cycles - the distributor - and ask them 'politely'.
    If you have a look at it clearly states that the neuro comes with the 'Blackburn no quibble lifetime warranty'. Take them up on it...
    Mind you I've always bought Sigma speedo's