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Schwalbe Marathon Cross

noah bubbleheadnoah bubblehead Posts: 10
edited December 2009 in Commuting chat
Does anyone have any experience of these tyres? I started commuting at the beginning of summer on a mountain bike and soon got feed up with punctures on the basic off road tyres. In the summer I do about 16 miles per day on canal towpaths and roads, and in the winter I use different roads but average about 12 miles per day. I wanted good puncture resistance and went for the Marathon Cross as they seemed to have good reviews. At first I was really impressed with the increased road speed but my first excursion off road resulted in a puncture. Since then I've picked up punctures on at least a weekly basis and switched to slime tubes in an effort to reduce roadside repairs. Quite often whilst on the towpaths it wouldn't be unusual for me to get around 3 or 4 punctures in 1 week which the sealant had sealed. The tyres just dont seem up to the job, they seem to be too soft and at £50 a pair, overly expensive. I have emailed Chain Reaction who I bought them off who were quite helpful. They checked to see if there had been any quality issues but basically said that these tyres aren't that good.

Does anyone have any suggestions for replacements as I think it's time to get rid of them..


  • if it's just towpaths etc then marathon pluses will cope fine, and the pluses are if not impossible, improbable.
  • peuanpeuan Posts: 8
    Is the puncture in the same place on the same wheel? It sounds like you've got something stuck in the tyre or a spoke poking through?
  • hi peuan, both wheels and in different places. I've given both wheels a thorough check and its nothing from the wheels.
  • Get Marathon Plus's, through these away and slap yourself with a wet fish.
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