RPCC Ride - Sat 5th / Sun 6th Dec.

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My god my commute was cold this morning - December's here folks! :shock:

So, as the weather turns to the sort of conditions that make Phipsy turn blue, it's time to see who's committed and who is hibernating! Oddly enough, I think I'm right in saying that Phips is actually off skiing this weekend (?) so he'll probably be turning blue anyway. I'm also (planning to be) racing at Hillingdon along with Myk-ee, but my motivation is rock bottom at the moment (despite having a new toy that's still not seen the light of day yet!) so I might just stay in bed either way...! :oops: :roll: :lol:

Is anyone going to brave the cold? Go on, I will if you will... :shock:

So, for those of you coming to join us, usual meet & ride plan:
    :arrow: 9am start on Saturday is most likely,
although keep an eye out as different start times seem to be happening now and Sunday might be favoured by some
:arrow: Richmond Gate in Richmond Park, south side (on the left as you come up Sawyer's Hill / on the right if you come through Richmond Gate), by the little white building
:arrow: 80-120k @ 24-28kph / 50-75 miles @ 15-18mph usually, but nobody gets dropped (unless a 'hoonfest' is on the cards - see note * below) :arrow: Boxhill is almost definite (as is a short tea / cake / toilet / bottle refill stop at the top - usually around 15-30mins)
I say it every week, but it remains true so I won't stop: As ever we'd like to emphasise that new faces are more than welcome and actively encouraged, and that applies to lurkers / long-time 'thread watchers' / any who haven't been able to make it along previously / those who don't want to commit on here but might feel like turning up on the day - please do join us if you want to! 8)

It would also be good to see some of the faces we have seen over the past months re-appear too - not sure where they've all gone or if they've stopped watching these threads due to the emergence of the hoonfest, but hopefully some of you might venture out again this weekend, if not sometime soon...? :?

A collection point at Hampton Court can be arranged as that tends to be the route out. Please let us know if you need to take this option - it's usually just a fly-by quick hello and on the move again so if you plan to use this option we need to know, and please be on time (although there can sometimes be delays getting moving at Richmond Park so there is the potential for us to be a little late coming through). Collection time there is likely to be around 20-30mins after the agreed RP start time so again, keep an eye out.

So, who is about this weekend? :shock: 8) :


  • not sure what plans are yet for weekend but if i'm in london sat morning i'll come out.
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  • Assuming it's just cold, count me in

    Phips - enjoy all the snow that's been falling this week and hope it's a little warmer than the weekend just gone. Minus 13C and 80 kph winds on Sunday in Zermatt. Brrrr.
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  • Mark73
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    I am working on Saturdays at the moment, so I am definitely out. If it changes to a Sunday ride and it stays dry I am well up for it. Really need to stretch my legs past the daily commute.

    Ride safely folks, them mornings are getting frosty!
  • felgen
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    I am riding this weekend, at Hillingdn though I hear the weather will be cold and wet. Done some serious miles in the last week and finally out of excuses for not commuting in the winter - unfortunately there's a large amount of beer in the house that I have diligently been working my way through... :-O
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  • I'm hoping to get out this Saturday for a spin. I've not ridden properly since the end of September. got some new kit I want to try out so am hoping for a cold snap to hit us :-)

    9am start on Saturday morning?
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  • dawebbo
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    I'm going to do Hillingdon on Sat.

    Am up for a sunday ride though, also could be tempted by a flatish tempo ride on the fixie if anyone fancies that.
  • Rich-Ti
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    Could be up for a mid-morning pootle tomorrow if the weather's ok - nothing too early as I'm out tonight, and after racing today I'll need some rest! :roll: :lol:

    Good results for dawebbo & Art Vandelay today - nice work chaps 8)