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Is this one of you lot?

edited December 2009 in Pro race
Probably not the right forum, but it made me laugh.

Shimano or Campag?
Naked from the waist down or clothed?


  • hahaha i live at hammersmith bridge right next to the towpath... thank god i havnt encountered this guy!
  • dealdeal Posts: 857
    can you imagine the confusion when the police were trying to take a description?

    PC: Was he a big chap?
    Victim: Not bad
    PC: :?
    Victim: :oops:
  • RatkillaRatkilla Posts: 230
    Can you tell me madam, what colour was his helmet?
  • rofl, was he standing upright? RT Tester
    north west of england.
  • I can see that this has appealed to the smuttier members of the forum and not the serious pro-race massive. That said, perhaps he was very pleased with just having a done a PB round Richmond Park and wanted to let things hang loose for a while.

    Gemma, there's probably enough odd characters round West London for you to be worrying about without another bike perv.
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